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For the last decade & half, I have been helping large organizations recruit and find talent. As Talent Acquisition Leadership, I have had hard conversations with hiring managers on biases and other hurdles in the process. Being a liaison for both the employee and employer has been my niche. These conversations can be tough but has given me the knowledge to help others sell their skills and focus on targeted industries and job titles.

Whether you're a new grad or underemployed, understanding these conversations and developing strategies is important to your success. Be empowered to understand your professional career goals and make adjustments in the market know where to look. Still working in Talent Acquisition trends in technology can make it even more difficult to compete. I can help you get in front of the curve.



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Whether in-person class or on an online webinar, my career readiness experiences are intimate and thoughtful. I speak from personal experience and professional expertise…but mostly importantly I listen to your needs. Work With Me. Or if prefer 1on1 support start here.