Agencies, Recruiters, Headhunters, etc... OH MY!

It's a jungle out there in the employment market! Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and exhale. Okay, ready?

close eyes.jpg

We have all been there before... being a job seeker! As lousy and tiring as the process seems, it takes a lot of patience and proactive behaviors to be productive. As a HR/Talent Acquisition Professional I often hear, "If you see a job that fits my background...let me know." Right then, I cringe. I'll tell you why. 

Although, I understand what you are trying to say... unfortunately, a lot of hiring managers HATE to hear this. *NEWSFLASH* They are not personally invested in your search. As a job seeker, that's YOUR job to find your new job- frankly speaking. Job hunting is a FULL-TIME gig. Literally, a jungle of opportunities. So let's go through the different channels of potential recruitment:

HEADHUNTERS: Typically a firm/person(s) working to locate specific skill sets in a professional. They are an external function and work as an extended recruiting arm for their client or organization. They are paid commission or a percentage of the salary once they identify the correct new hire. They tend to be very niche and focused on more professional roles within an industry.

JOB PLACEMENT: Most times you can find job placement within a social service setting in an academic institution to help their members get information on job leads. Most often the job placement service has a relationship with the organizations offering the jobs. 

CORPORATE RECRUITMENT: This function is housed in the HR department and works in tandem with hiring managers to attract, select, and hire talent for their organization. They are given specific organizational needs/specs and other metrics to identify a new hire for the hiring manager. 

EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES: Think of Randstad or AppleOne. They are the outside recruiting arm that typically has temporary or contractual assignments for employment. They are similar to a headhunter- however they may be more entry-level placement in nature or can industry specific as well. They typically keep a database of candidates that can easily call for any projects that may come up.

Depending on the avenue you are using to jump-start your search, any approach above will fit. But it is always good to remember that being the driver of your job-seeking journey is the best approach. Partner with a resource you believe will best suit your needs and professional level. Most importantly, there is no magically voodoo that can place you in your ideal position. The combination of great personal marketing, networking, resume presentation, and killer interviewing may feel like magic once you ace it all!  Trust me-- I have helped several people work their 'magic' but always reminded... your career is what YOU make it!

Happy Hunting!!

xo Jas