Back Like I Never Left

Corporate Leader. Livelihood Enthusiast. Career Consultant. Sisterfriend.

Corporate Leader. Livelihood Enthusiast. Career Consultant. Sisterfriend.

First things first- Ayyyeee and Helloooooo everyone! I am so ECSTATIC to be back. I am very passionate about helping all levels of professionals and individuals maneuver the recruitment process and become viable, competitive candidates. When I dig deeper- I really like to focus on  black women (young and young at heart) that may have been pushed to the side. The ones that possess fiyah (yes, fiyah) skills transferable to the corporate arena but too afraid to compete.  I know firsthand it can be confusing and intimidating whether you are new to the employment market or need to brush up. Just like any industry there are trends, dos and don'ts, best practices, and processes that we all should know to help us be better prepared. I want to help take the intimidation factor out of landing your desired role. Embracing your uniqueness, walking in your confidence, and having a seat at the table. I am updating my services and packages to better suit y'alls need... so come back after February 1st, okay!? Visit here when you need a new resume or interview coaching, looking for resources and encouragement, or share with loved ones. Most importantly I hope you entrust me with career consultation as you grow professionally! I am here...

Let Me Help!

xo Jas

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