Netflix and Chill: "House Of Cards"

Are we all off the election crap? Ugh. I still won't watch the news because it is like a real life drama! Speaking you all know how much I love 'House of Cards' on Netflix? I'm slightly addicted to watching this show and try to binge watch each season when possible. I love the parallels to real life and the political stuff happening... that may or may not be inspired to current events. But I fell in love with the show for real when 'HoC's'' President Francis Underwood declared a State of Emergency because of the unemployment levels in the US. Say what!? I was literally on the edge of my seat watching each episode once he declared this fictitious State of Emergency. You see, President Underwood wanted to implement his initiative called AmericaWorks which gives government funds to certain organizations that help employ skilled citizens.I love the idea ... and watching it unfold on my favorite show was scandalous and smart all at once.

Fantasy and dreaming at its best. I know, I know...

I am not a fan of big government necessarily nor do I think a President should use FEMA funds during hurricane season to push his plans (you have to watch it). But as a Talent Acquisition professional, it would be lovely to have encouraged and ready jobseekers applying to jobs that match their background and skill. It would be an 'Employer's Market' so to speak! Jobseekers could have confidence in knowing jobs posted are really being filled in a timely manner and opportunities are viable with government backing. Dreaming still, I know! Either way, the episodes made my mind wonder with the endless possibilities for our communities and economy if the US were to really call a 'State of Emergency' relating to our unemployed population. **deep sigh**

Until then, I'll be here helping with your resumes, employment strategies, and interview coaching! I love it... but I'd love it more if all our citizens had to tools for getting gainful employment. What do you think?