I Get It. But Can You Really Do The Job?!

Any recruitment professional will tell you… someone will say “Well, I can do that job!”. I am used to the LinkedIn messages or friendly emails with the common theme: ‘I am a fast learner’. Trust me I get it! However, hiring managers and HR practitioners all want to know a few things.

Every hiring manager and every HR person ask these questions about you and every other candidate they're interviewing... 

Will this candidate:
- Be able to excel in this role?
- Be able to learn and adjust as the role evolves?
- Be able to master the tools and technologies involved today and tomorrow?
- Get along well with others on the team?
- Take direction and feedback? 

Simple stuff, right?! Well, for some individuals looking to transition into a new industry or role this can be very tough. Also, if you have been out of the employment market for a while these questions can make you nervous. Of course, there are ways to prepare/combat the angst in interviewing AND give yourself a boost in confidence for your next role.

The biggest thing… BE HONEST with yourself. Know your strong points, accomplishments, and goals. What has your professional history been and what does your resume say about you specifically. Personal marketing is important in this process and it starts with honesty. So after all that, ask yourself again, “Can I really do this job?” and if so… go for it!

xo Jas