Just like the game "Marco Polo" job searching can feel like its within reach one second and far away the next. Growing up,I literally hated playing and it is no different now. We have all been there... in a job we like just enough BUT know it is time to leave pretty soon. Don't wait until you hate it. Listen to your gut. One day, it hits you and you cannot wait any longer! 

The tiny voice in your head is screaming,"Get me outta here now!"

Well, yeah. You made up your mind but that is a small part of the battle. Becoming full fledged in your job search can be frustrating; but it requires you to be engaged almost as much as you are at work. A short job search can take 3 months. Typically, you can expect to be in the market at least 6-18 months. A few things to consider:

  • Your Geographical location 
  • Desired compensation 
  • Competition in local market
  • Your Network
  • Skill set and background
  • Timing

All these components will have an impact on the ease or difficulty of grabbing your next opportunity. Marco! 

Consider these factors and be honest with yourself. Some things may be in your favor. Polo! 

But when they are not it is wise to build out an employment strategy that allows you to be fully engaged while working in your current position. It is a tough game at times but worth the effort when you receive the offer! Jot down the answers to the bulleted list above to create the landscape you are maneuvering. You'll find the position and organization... and  when that happens it will feel like they screamed out "POLO" just so you would find them.

Stay encouraged!

xo Jas