Gatekeepers. *sigh*

There are 2 gatekeepers I personally know of before your resume reaches the hiring manger. The ATS (applicant tracking system) and the Recruiter. As a job seeker we may despise both. But there is a method to the madness! The hiring manager doesn't want to be bothered with every single person showing interest. It is the Recruiters job to provide candidates accurately matching the need of the hiring manager. The ATS serves as a database holding tons of applicant information. In HR, we loveeeee our ATS... especially if it is a great one. All these things work together to make a beautiful partnership. It is a great partnership and as a job seeker, you are integral part of the partnership. 

Now, how do you get to the hiring manager? Depending on the organization you will be applying online. This information is stored in an ATS. It stores keywords and may even have the capability to rank you against the job description or competencies needed for the position. You want to make sure for this reason your resume communicates those keywords that apply.

Second, you want to see if you can reach out to the Recruiter. Whether on Linkedin or directly contacting the HR department, there are methods to get the buzz going on your candidacy. You don't want to be a menace... practice professional etiquette, please!

Last, make sure you stay abreast to events or functions your organization may be hosting. You can attend activities or events where HR and/or Talent Acquisition are looking to engage with the community. 5ks, volunteering events, sporting activities... you'd be surprised! But what a great way to network and get your name in front of the right person.

Remember, hiring managers are your friend! If you are the talent they need... trust me, they'll become your best friend!

xo Jas