Cover Up or Nah!? #CoverLetters

I look at tons of resumes daily...for the past 10 years. The industry changes and there are trends that come and go....depending on your professional level a cover letter may not be necessary. A few things to consider...

1. We no longer use fax machines as a means for sending documents. Prior to the usage of email attachments and scanned documents for online applications, cover letters made sense. It made sense to write a cover letter as a precursor when sending via fax. Now not so much...

2. Do you know most job vacancies have a gatekeeper!? Your resume is passing through a Recruiter, HR professional(s), or someone besides the Hiring Manager to compile resumes for the best qualified. It is very rare to have a Hiring Manager as the direct link to the vacant position. They want to see your skills and background immediately-- especially since there are hundreds of resumes to review at a time... trust me, the easier it is to get to your relevant work history... the better!

3. Cover letters are nice but in most cases it's just extra paper. Some people have talked themselves right out of a job on their cover letter! No kidding, some people share too much information. A lot of times less is more-- in this case it is definitely true. Allow your skill and experience to speak for you. Don't over do it and talk yourself right out of an interview!!

When should you use a cover letter?

If you are referred by an employee, you may want to include this information in a cover letter. I'm not one to name drop as a job seeker (that's another topic) but it could be good to include. Also, if you are relocating you may want to include this information. This will inform the hiring manager when you will be permanently in the area. Lastly, a cover letter may be good if you have been out of the market for awhile or transitioning into another career field. 

Use your better judgement & remember your resume normally only has 8 seconds to make a first impression.

Use your "Resume Real -Estate" wisely!

xo Jas