Career Coaching: Just like an Oil Change... only NO Lines!

Why do we invest in anything really? We all want to get the best bang for our buck and still receive a quality product a in return. Typically, when investing in a product or service, we do our research and weigh out pros and cons. It is all time sensitive... we are looking to invest in that one thing to meet our need for that moment. Same thing with career coaching!


I'd like to thank of my dear old Honda... she was a great investment. However, I was late on getting an oil change and *POOF* I ran her engine into the ground. I was sooo sad and I knew it was coming... but I was dragging my feet. I knew that my Honda was a great product but I didn't do my part to maintain my initial investment. Same goes with you as a professional! We make all these initial investments- educational, certifications, training and development, etc. but wait until the last minute to fine tune our initial product (professional self). It ultimately can be very costly. I have learned that just like cars- the diversity and range for professionals is very colorful. Some burnout easily while others have a bit more in their engine to perform before needing a tune up.

Either way, fine tuning your professional skills as it relates to career advancement is always a great idea. Depending on your season in life... whether you are a high school senior, college graduate, or professional- as some point visiting with a career consultant is wise! Cars are are careers! Don't wait until the last minute and be prepared to start your engines to get off to the races to compete!

xo Jas