"WWJD": What What Would Jas Do "Sexy Suits"

In creating my consultation business 5 years ago, I get asked some really great questions. From friends, strangers, and family alike... they just want to know what I would do in certain professional situations! I don't mind sharing or giving advice in this respect. I will post some of the Q&A I receive and if you have a question send an email-- I'll be happy to help! jas@jobbingwjas.com


" I have a favorite suit that I like to wear to interviews but it may be a little too form fitting. I am not sure but I really like the cut of the suit; however, I feel like it may come off too sexy. The interviews seems to go well but I do not get a call back. Are clothes and appearance really a factor in your opinion?"

Girlllll, this is a loaded question! Thank you for your honesty though. Your personal employment brand includes your grooming, professional wardrobe, and communications. Although it is not fair and can even seem discriminatory, experts will agree that physical presentation and online presentation can hurt or aid your job search. Now, as far as your suit... I say if your gut is telling you your suit is too tight, it PROBABLY is! *wink* If you can not invest in another one there are other viable options as a job-seeker that would be just as appropriate. I have so many other tips and industry stats that prove favorably to images on LinkedIn profiles but NOT including your image on your resume.

Image does matter, period. Make yours a clean and professional one! It can get tricky especially if you like flyy girl stuff like me. I have mastered the art of merging the two so I can express my fashion sense but also remain professional. If you're not careful our presentation can eliminate your chances of landing a great position or even promotions just off of the way you look. I've been in situations where the decision came so close between candidates-- we had to discuss their presentation in the interview process. If it comes down to that... don't you want to have the competitive edge? Uh, yeah! We can chat because there are other items to consider as well ( company culture, is it a panel interview? etc.) Let's schedule a time to strategize and get your physical presentation to match your overall personal employment brand... and stay true to being you!

xo Jas