"WWJD": What Would Jas Do "Felon Turned Full-Time Employee"

In creating my consultation business 5 years ago, I get asked some really great questions. From friends, strangers, and family alike... they just want to know what I would do in certain professional situations! I don't mind sharing or giving advice in this respect. I will post some of the Q&A I receive and if you have a question send an email-- I'll be happy to help!  jas@jobbingwjas.com


"Jas, I am a felon and looking for work is hard.  Is there any help you can give me?"

Of course! Thank you for your honesty. My first recommendation is to look for part-time work or an evening shift. Employers tend to not perform background checks on these types of roles. Also, look into the indurstries that have historiccally hired individuals with a criminal background: customer service, warehousing, construction, driving jobs, and look at Goodwill and Salvation Army for employment. They will hire citizens with your background as well. Second, check your state to if there any tax credits (federal&state) given to employers for hiring felons. But recently, employment has been updated to include "Ban The Box". Do you know what that is?! It is a major key and I was super amped to learn about this development. Click here to learn more!

We can also sit down and discuss ways to interview effectively and explain the gap(s) in your resume with keeping your dignity intact. The majority of employers run background checks for full-time employment and ask on the application as well. Being honest is key! You do not want to risk falsifying a document and then adding a termination to your record as well. When you are ready let's schedule some time to connect and see if I can help! Don't give up!

xo Jas

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