Hey Employer, I'm Hiring.

"Hey Employer- I'm Now Hiring!"

We normally recognize people for their actions that propel mankind forward. Maybe winning a Nobel Peace Prize or curing a devastating disease is definitely deserving of recognition... but what about curing the common practice of submitting an application online? Or achieving the ultimate goal of capturing your 'dream job's" attention?!

If anyone has the cure to making mundane job-seeker tasks somehow magical they too are deserving of some sort of prize... wouldn't you agree? 

Well, meet Alfred Aljani.

He was tired of submitting hundreds of resumes with no call back. Not sure what his resumes looked like or if it even matched the job descriptions (my HR side immediately asked that question) but he was doing his part!

Finally, he turned the job-seeker experience around. His story reminded me we all have to make the first investment in ourselves. You have to believe so much in your talent to sell it by any means necessary. Stand out from the crowd and compete. There is a lot of energy needed and creativity within confine that can communicate your professionalism and why YOU are talent needed. 

Needless to say, Alfred's resilience and creative approach definitely made him stand apart from the crowd. He received multiple offers- which made sense in his industry. He was looking for a marketing position-- and wouldn't you say he marketed himself creatively and created a buzz?! Genius. There are things that are industry specific that can help more that others may overlook -- but I invite you to start thinking out of the box and making yourself competitive! 

Kudos, Alfred!

xo Jas