for Jobseekers?!

Online dating to online applications-- we use the internet for everything nowadays. So it only makes sense to apply that same science to job hunting! Plus, the employee and employer relationship is a very important one. Much like dating, we are looking to find our match. I read an awesome story of two young guys that used their expertise and background to build software that could ultimately act as a headhunter for you. AMAZING!

Right now, it is only limited to IT jobs and a small region of the country; but imagine if this type of artificial intelligence in software could translate into finding a dream job MATCH. It would totally revolutionize the job seeker's experience as we know it! Of course it still doesn't take away from needing the personal marketing tools to land an interview and sell your skills in an interview-- but it's a great start!

Check out the full story here:

Would you use this type of software-- if it was affordable and available?