Jobbing, girl! #GreatResources

I would like to begin highlighting useful and relevant resources for the people I help. I received this request from a recent client-- and what a great idea! So as I come across things to help, I will highlight resources that can aid in specific or broad needs of job-seekers. Let me know what else you would like to see... ummkay

Re-entering the workforce? Leaving to focus on family? PTA meetings and bake sales during your 2p conference call? There is a fine line to balance for a lot of women when it comes to work life balance. The challenge seems to be slightly easier with a lot of organizations adjusting schedules and really looking at what it means to make their employees happy. I know as a working mom and self-proclaimed superwoman—I have my days where I wanna throw in the towel! But what if you could know from the beginning if your ‘employer of choice’ is not only in tune with your skills as an employee BUT also your other full-time role: MOM? It would be monumental, no doubt! So I ran across a resource some may be able to appreciate. It is called: Mom Corps. I looked it up and spoke with a few colleagues that have had success in landing flexible roles both part-time and full-time. I literally could not believe there was such a gold mineexisted. So, I wanted to share with you all… I have had several conversations with women and men alike around this topic… so I wanted to share!


In their about ABOUT US section it reads, “As such, we still focus on recruiting for fractional, interim and flexible positions, but also source full time candidates for great companies that understand the importance of work-life satisfaction and its positive impact to their bottom line.”


I mean, how awesome is that!? Poke around their site, look at their positions, make a profile, and let me know your experience. Working Motherhood is a challenge but with support and great resources you can definitely have everything you want.