"WWJD": What Would Jas Do "Show Me The Moola"

In creating my consultation business 5 years ago, I get asked some really great questions. From friends, strangers, and family alike... they just want to know what I would do in certain professional situations! I don't mind sharing or giving advice in this respect. I will post some of the Q&A I receive and if you have a question send an email-- I'll be happy to help!  jas@jobbingwithjas.com


"Hey- I got the second interview! Now what about SALARY questions. This part always gets be stumped. I don't want to go too low or too high. Suggestions???

Yes! This part of the process is definitely a chess match. But you got this! Know your worth but be smart about how you approach and communicate it. Try to deflect as much as possible...“I have some idea of the market; let’s see what your range is first. Is there a range you have budgeted for the position?” Make sure to do your research! Some nifty sites are payscale.com and salary.com that can be great initial points to begin your research.

There are variables to keep in mind.. industry, size of company, current organization climate etc. But benchmark this information to start the range that is comfortable for you!

Things to think about :

  • -What is the lowest salary you will accept?
  • -What do you WANT?
  • -Lastly, what is a comfortable compromise based on market research and your livelihood?

Salary negotiations are a trip! Being on both sides of the desk I know firsthand. Don't let it trip you up though... be savvy and know what the market is paying for your skill set and experience.

xo Jas

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