I love hashtags. I love social media! We all have a digital footprint. Whether passive or active... Twitter is hyper-interactive and Facebook is like "show & tell" for the universe. I am very social... I like to connect digitally and in-person. But I always keep in mind my professional side. Have you ever cringed at some of the posts or tweets your friends share? Do you immediately think... "omg, aren't they a Director of such and such non-profit?" or "Ohweee, if their boss finds this..." ? Chiiile.

I know I have.

Probably because I work in HR/Talent Acquisition, I am fully aware of what some employers may potentially do when conducting a formal or informal background search. In a few strokes on the keyboard, you can find unflattering tweets, distasteful profile pictures, and other information attached to a digital footprint. Since, I am social and love the interactiveness of social media-- I always to keep in mind how I want to maintain my personal brand from a holistic approach. Only because I care... I want you all to keep this in mind! My little brother graduates from High School soon and trust me... after looking at all his accounts, my immediate reaction was *CRINGE* But once he begins college or goes into the military, I will do my best Olivia Pope consultation to get him squared away!

How many social media accounts do you have or use actively? What do they say about you? Better yet, do you have them open to the public or private? While we begin Spring cleaning in our personal spaces... I would like to invite you to Spring clean your personal brand and see what your digital footprint says about you!