Jobbing, girl! #GreatResources

Have you ever looked at the Bureau of Labor Statistics? It has great info on the employment market for the US. There are other tidbits that you can get as well to help understand what is going on related to employment for jobseekers. Is your specific industry adding jobs? If so, how many? Good to know, right? Interesting fact for Febbruary 2015: more people are quitting their jobs than seen since 2008! 

This is a great thing for those actively looking while employed and unemployed alike. This means we are gaining confidence in our employment market and ready to taste the waters. We either give a notice of resignation when we have another position lined up or we are confident there is a new opportunity on the horizon. Either way, since 2008 jobseekers both passive and active are coming out! The thing about this is... I can help! Soon, I will be partnering up with an amazing professional from Tampa to give resume workshops for those needing a professional's touch with personal employment marketing. I am excited what these stats mean for our nation and those looking for gainful employment. But mainly, I am excited what this means for our communities and young professionals looking to build their careers... stay encouraged!

Oh, take a peek at the Bureau of Labor Statistics as well. It is always good to be in the know