Age Ain't Nothing But A Number...

Age Ain't Nothing But A Number...


Multigenerational workplaces are in full effect! Millenials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, Silents… we are all looking to be employed and compete. My clients range from fresh out of college to “…in ten years I am going to retire, Jas!”. I love hearing the stories and learning about different industries from diverse sets of perspectives. The biggest thing is we are all competing for roles with different skill sets and challenges; and now a big component, AGE! Well, I don’t necessarily think this should deter anyone or automatically make anyone think this can be an obstacle. But everyone has different experiences, so I’d like to help with those that cross my path.

Does age matter while looking for a job. In my professional experience, I’d say no. But some think they have been overlooked for having too much experience or seeming ‘old’. In a world using apps to order lunch and scanning in documents instead of faxing… I know much has changed in just a decade. But I believe everyone has a value to add to their workplace whether you have been in the game for 20 years or 2. It’s a show-rather than- tell game…

What do I mean by that? Well, how can a more tenured professional show they are viable RATHER than tell their experience?


*Show your ability to maneuver in current technology. Your adaptability to the industry will speak volumes.
*Give examples of being coachable and resourceful. The biggest misconception is some professionals are un-coachable or set in their ways after a number of years in the market. Not you! You are resourceful, constructive, and an accountable member of the team.
*Passion overshadows everything. There are ways to show your professional passion and prove value in any workplace. Showing how you were a resource for younger colleagues helps. I am sure they wouldn’t mind being a reference as well.

Thing is…  you can’t change your age. But you can definitely change how you feel in the job search stage. You can manage how you are viewed as well. Besides, I know I couldn’t do most of what I do without my mentor… and every professional can respect value and wisdom over everything.

xo Jas