9 Things Every SisterFriend Needs For The Office

Of course, your technical ability is important.  But your appearance says you care and take pride in your look. I am all about leveling the playing field as much as possible. Taking into account the news, laws, and other things telling women of color they are not appealing or fit into conventional beauty- let’s visit a few things that enhance our look. Cool?

I did an inventory of my things and also spoke with girlfriends and other sisterfriends in Corporate to find out what they use. Here’s a nice lil’ list:

1.  A Quality purse/briefcase: It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. Your purse or briefcase needs to be quality, sturdy and can have some flare. Mine does.

2.  Black blazer or Cardigan: I keep a black blazer at work. I can put it on to tidy up a casual look for meetings. It helps bring a look together for professional events conveniently. Black blazers are sleek and chic. They are a great way to take a casual look up a notch if you need too.

3.  Lip balms, lotions, and mints: The devil is in the detail. The small things matter. Moisturized lips and skin is beautiful. At work we are constantly talking and shaking hands. It is imperative to make sure the first things your colleagues see should be on point. Ashy is not a good look. Neither is stale breath. 

4.  Planner or calendar: Being the Millennial that I am, I use my google calendar. But also because I love “old-school” things like writing on paper vs. typing I keep a planner. Ha! Either way, it keeps my business, professional, and personal all lined up. It helps me set boundaries and stay in a place of minimal stress.

5.  Make-Up that Fits: I did a make-up class to understand foundation colors and lipstick colors to complement my skin tones and seasons. It has made a clear difference in professional presentation. I feel confident and put together!

6. The Right Hair products: Ha! Hair. Hair. Hairrr!!! Oh my goodness! I know other folks think we probably obsess over hair. But ladies, since I am talking to you… I don’t have to go into it. Y’all already know. I finally found a line that loves my hair. My fro is soft, moisturized, and looks polished when I get to work. Helps with any self-doubt I may feel as my hair grows bigger.

7.  The Right Shoes: Girl. I have seen it all. Observing women walking into interviews or just coming by HR to talking about benefits has been telling. I have seen shoes that should be left for Friday after 5p through the weekend; but never in the office. A nice classic, quality pump is an essential to any work outfit. It is a necessary plus helps with your confident strut around the office.

8. Your Smile: My teeth were getting stained from all the tea drinking I do in the office. I get my teeth cleaned 2x a year. But from a recommendation my girlfriend gave I started using Crest White Strips. Presto! Smile big and bright… it looks good on you, sis!

9. A Bright Attitude: Your attitude determines your altitude. Your attitude and your smile are the most important things to make any presentation beautiful. We are embracing our beauty and presence in all our work spaces by feeling confident and showing up. Be intentional and be happy in your employment. 


Not too bad, right? What else do you include to make yourself feel strong and beautiful at work? Add to the list and tweet me your suggestions! @JobbingwithJas 

xo- Jas

Jasmin Forts