A Sister's Siesta: Mental Rest In A Safe Space

After doing countless hours of research on Women of Color in the workplace, I've noticed a common thread we share- mental health ignorance. I'm guilty of it.  Recently there was a glaring headline of an Uber employee who committed suicide as a result of work stress. Sad to read the details but on a personal level I understood. I hear and speak to so many women in our community that have experienced stress whether due to discriminatory practices or not being able to get the resources to integrate in work spaces.

 #WoC face the same struggles as other women; however, they have to face issues of diversity on top of inequality. There are 5 basic themes I learned emerge when racism and sexism are experienced as stressors for #WoC women in the workplace. "The themes are: (1) being hired or promoted in the workplace, (2) defending one's race and lack of mentorship, (3) shifting or code switching to overcome barriers to employment, (4) coping with racism and discrimination, and (5) being isolated and/or excluded. The results from this study indicate African American women use emotion- and problem-focused coping responses to manage stress (e.g., racism and sexism)".

My monthly platform of 'A Sister's Siesta' gives women a break from the stressors and judgment of the workplace to connect with other women that can relate. It is liberating and healing. Gives us a chance to connect, network, and engage in activities we typically would not explore to complement our careers. Hope to see you all at the next one!

xo- Jas