Believe In Your Value.

I am a visual learner. Images help me comprehend content easier and really drive home certain points. When discussing pay gaps or pay inequality between genders and races- I immediately began looking for charts or data that was clear and easy to read. Well I did... but I didn't think it would make me emotional. Like, so emotional. 

CREDIT: ThinkProgress/ Dylan Petrohilos

It seems the majority of the surveys I come across regarding women of color- the data points tell a story of undervalue or highlight struggle.  Now, I believe in knowing the truth and not sugarcoating facts- but sheesh, it can be slightly discouraging to say the least. No matter Latina, Black, or Native American our histories are what filled with women that did not have the opportunities to make the type of money we are afforded today. That being said, we obviously have a ways to go.

Despite, the data and surveys showing the gaps, let's discuss ways we can focus on staying encouraged and knowing our value. Knowing our value can help in the situations that call for us to discuss our assets and even negotiate in specific situations. Knowing that the stats make me uber emotional I stay away from them. I'm not oblivious. I am just choosing to focus on this that hold up my value and fortify the positive. What do are things I do to highlight my value ?

  • Write down affirmations. Read them daily!
  • Sit down and honestly list out your accomplishments.
  • Study the moves or stories of women that are in your desired role.
  •  Understand what you need (education, certifications, etc.) for your desired compensation or promotion.
  • Look for ways outside of your job to feel valuable (volunteer, donate, or mentor).

Silencing the noise around helps me be more productive. This topic can be emotional and put you in a self-pity mode. Nope, girlfriends.. let's not go there!! Let's stick to the finding solutions and narrowing in on our talents and communicating them. You are valuable, sis.