Celebrating The Small Wins. #MinoritiesInCorporate

I love to look at data and charts to help tell stories in real time. Not the gut feeling stuff or things that we experience on a personal level. Although, stories from ourselves or our friends shared experiences help carve out history and help narrate our existence… having the facts in numbers/stats can help validate a viewpoint. I read a lot of material on diversity and inclusion stories as well as recruitment. Being a Manager, Talent Acquisition in my 9-5 gig makes my interest on these subject(s) even more relevant. On a small scale I see how things can impact a company’s culture when the Boards or Executive Teams do not offer a diverse representative. Being a woman of color- I see the need. We (WoC) make up a large portion of the workforce but are underrepresented when it come to Corporate America.There are so many things that go overlooked when you do have certain voices participating in meaningful conversations or strategies that will impact your employee base. But digress. Although there is explicit value to having diverse voices in organizations… small gains have been made. I am happy to see those increases! It makes me think we are showing up to the opportunities and not taking our value for granted.

A big reason I started Jobbing With Jas was to help women of color be more prepared in the corporate arena. Even with the small increases made in Fortune 500 companies, I believe there is more magic we have to share in every workplace. Seeing that we make up a large part of the consumer base in the US even being a minority- it makes sense that we have a larger stake in organizations that directly benefit from our spending. LOL! That means looking at the companies you spend money with… do they have opportunities in your area? What does their leadership look like? Do they offer a robust diversity & inclusion program? Does their mission align with things important to you? Some things we have to be more intentional about if we want to grow opportunities in our communities and be represented in leadership as well. Small increases for women and minorities in Fortune 500 Leadership or Board positions is great; but increases for Blacks and Latinos graduating college exist now more than ever. That should mean we are better equip to show up to compete or create our own door to walk through. Either way- let’s work to be present in any opportunity to help bring career options to everyone.