Celebrating Your Uniqueness #JustBeYou

Being different can be a challenge. Remember being in school and how you wanted to fit in and be liked? Being in the workplace can feel a lot like that. However, working on Well, as adults we look to narrow in on our talents and skills so we can be appreciated for our uniqueness. There are a lot talent acquisition and HR professionals in my market but I look for ways to stay above the curb. Industries change and trends happen so I look for ways to keep my skills sharp and my perspective unique to any employer's bottom line.  However, I was not always so optimistic and innovative in my approach...

Ya know how it is easier to just copy off the person sitting next to you?! That was me earlier on in my career. I did not know how to accentuate my talents. I was always feeling like I had to copy what coworkers or peers were doing and ultimately that was not working for me. It left me feeling discouraged and always asking myself, "Jas, why the hell are you at this job?". I had to dig deep and evaluate the why and the how of my talent. Doing self- evaluations really gave me the opportunity to emphasize what I do well and where I could stand to practice.

Understanding my uniqueness translated into confidence. It helped me talk about my skill set and how I could have a major impact while interviewing. It also helped me be strategic in my career moves and understand the importance of carving out an employment strategy. We all have distinctive career story. Our skills are just as unique. Don't be afraid to embrace your high and low points because it helps develop your professional profile. #JustBeYou 

Jasmin Forts