Code Switching. Normalize YOUR Voice Instead.




  1. the practice of alternating between two or more languages or varieties of language in conversation.

What does it really mean and have you done it? Comedians joke about this all the time and my girlfriends and I casually talk about it too. Why? It is a real thing. Sometimes you have a specific persona at work that differs from what you authentically are in other places.  I'm not saying there are not different etiquette rules you should follow when you are chilling in your living room or in your office space. What I am asking- is are you intentional in changing your authentic self to be accepted in workplaces or professional settings?  

You may feel the need to make your voice lighter or communicate in manner not comfortable to your normal routine. From personal experience, it has taken some time for me to find my voice and be myself in professional settings. I struggled with how I was perceived and how I should say certain things. Obviously, this was MY issue and some was a bit of experience with microaggressions in past experiences. One experience stands out and stays with me unfortunately. A few years back, a Manager asked me to take the bass out of my voice on conference calls. Ha! WTH does that mean, right? He explained my voice my alarm some of remote employees and he wanted me to accepted. No lie. 

Fact remains in some points of lives whether personal or professional- every community has their challenge of wanting to ease into assimilation. Who wants to marginalize and their way of life or communication judged? I don't know many that would want all. Nonetheless, recognizing it is a real thing and working to improve is a great first step. I encourage you to NOT code switch. Normalize YOUR voice instead. Work Your Magic, sis!  *code switch poem starts at 00:59!

xo- Jas