Getting Resume Views!

Do you have accounts on job boards, niche sites, or industry association boards? If you are a job seeker you are definitely missing out! Having an updated resume is essential to being proactive in the competitive job market we all exist in. Recruiters and headhunters are constantly sourcing talent and looking for professionals to fit vacancies they may be working.

Personal screenshot :)

Personal screenshot :)

That being said, it is important to post your resume in these places strategically. Not only that learn the advantage of key wording. Don't fill your resume with jargon and fluff- but really think about the specifics your industry values. Any systems or hard skills you have may help in adding the keywords necessary to stand out. Also having a resume that speaks to your value helps get those views!

I posted my resume last Friday (3/3/17) as a measure to see what type of response I would receive. I have recently updated my resume- for my own benefit- and wanted to test the waters. Monday morning, I received my automated update from a job board I use frequently both professionally and personally. You can take a look above and see the metrics of how many times my resume came up in searches and how many actually viewed. Not bad for 3 days! 

Just want to make sure you all are staying proactive and keeping a pulse on the opportunities in your market or if you are looking to relocate. Use technology to help you out! Make sure you connect with me via Twitter, IG, or Facebook! I love to hear from you all!