NAAAHR Panel Invite: Tampa, What Up!?

Being invited to any event is always so humbling. When I received the invite to come to Tampa and discuss " Natural Hair In The Workplace" I jumped at the opportunity. Eeek! From personal experience, the whole natural hair process is an emotional journey. It literally consumed me and my husband- probably my kids too. The entire ordeal is...well, AN ORDEAL. I did the work to love my look through each stage. I quickly learned the challenges of loving my look in the safety of my home was a different experience to confidently rocking it in workplace- especially ones that may not embrace my tresses. 

2-6-2017 5-16-56 PM.png

Talking to men & women at this event in Tampa really helped me feel at home. The transparency and honesty in those couple of hours reminded me I was not alone. None of us are. There is more than anecdotal evidence to this experience. With the courts attempting to pass laws against the very hair that comes out your head... makes it kinda hard to not to feel angst. This event was healing and beautiful to hear solutions to challenges a lot of us face. I was able to share my journey into embracing my authentic self in my career. Creating a safe space or a community to helpful if you are your natural hair journey. I know it was a necessary tool for me. Try carving out some friends or looking up MeetUps that may encourage this positive dialogue and encouragement. Tweet me at @JobbingWithJas and tell me how it goes!