Podcasts Are My Jawn!

I looooove podcasts! Love. Love. Love. So much so I listen to them going into work and in my office. Hearing other people's perspective on things is so interesting to me. Also, certain podcasts force me to rethink my position on things or challenge my ideas. All in all, ya girl loves a good podcast. So when I was asked to jump on the air- I was ecstatic! I'm still not used to hearing my voice play back...but whateva! I wanted to share both of the podcasts here for my ladies. I have provided the links in the pictures below. HauteCocoaMommies is one I follow because it is just an all around dope platform and concept. Being a millennial mom and women of color- there aren't many places that speak to us. HauteCocoaMommies does it for me!

What's Going On Webshow & Blog was founded by Katrina Garnes. Super talented and ambitious she has poured her passion into this platform. I could relate and loved her content. Anyways, here are the links below... ENJOY! xo -Jas

Jasmin Forts