#TheTeaOnJobbing: Natural Hair In Interviews... Does It Matter?

Did our first episode of #TheTeaOnJobbing give any insight on job-hopping? I hope so... Toni and I both work in Corporate leadership settings dealing with various HR topics. We love giving practical advice and insight to help where there may be some confusion. We are no stranger to the nuances of daily workplaces with varying experiences; so being able to coach you all through situations is a passion. Girl, keep your livelihood thriving, in tact, and authentic! :) So, episode 2 is dealing with *drumroll, please* NATURAL HAIR!

You know we had to hit you with this topic. It seems our hair is a real deal-breaker for some and just plain ol' mysterious to others! Current events has covered topics regarding this-whether our hair is deemed 'professional' or  even legal in some workplaces, we have taken on the conversation. Hopefully, this will give some insight on what really matters and gets us all thinking to be confident in our authentic, talented selves. Enough reading... let's get into it!

xo- Jas

Jasmin Forts