Tips to keeping a clear & beautiful mind through performance reviews

The workday, work-week, and work-year are already enough to cause stress and a cloudy mind. How we perform on our jobs can impact our day and how we view ourselves. I am not immuned to feeling the workday carry over in other areas of my life. I had to find ways to keep my nerves in check and my spirit calm. Keeping notes and tabs on progression at work helps keep my anxiety lowered. I took a note from one of my fave professional development books-  The Little Black Book Of Success: Laws Of Leadership For Black Women it helped me develop awesome strategies to always be abreast of my contributions. Even still, I sometimes get caught up in the anxiety a certain time of the year. That time of the year would be: PERFORMANCE REVIEWS!

A performance appraisal, also referred to as a performance review,performance evaluation, (career) development discussion, or employee appraisal is a method by which the job performance of an employee is documented and evaluated. 

Girl, let me tell you... sometimes I get downright disgusted with this time of year. Not because I think I under-performed or anything like that. I think I do like a lot of us and expect the worse. I walk in look for a fight or thinking the process will be combative-- and most times it is NOT! lol! I go through the process of looking at my notes throughout the year to recount all of my wins and maybe my challenges. But if you are like me, lists can help you maneuver through the most challenging processes. So, I have taken the liberty to write up some tips to help my sisterfriends (and even if you want to share with your fellas) to keep a clear and beautiful mind through this time of the year: 

  • Relax. This is a big one for me. I take the time to think through the body of work I've completed. I vision the great days and take time to realize no matter the outcome of this review... I am alive, loved, and capable. This review is not my WHOLE life in a meeting.
  • Grab the notes on your own personal evaluation for the year. If you do not keep notes throughout the year- you should. Start now! This can help you quantify your accomplishments vs. let someone tell you what they think about your performance. Being able to say, " I have increased sales by 15% in the last 6 months in our business unit- even with resource challenges."  is a lot better than saying, " I think I did great this year." Be informed and know your worth and magic in your office space.
  • Which leads me into to my next point... this is not a debate or argument. I have to tell my husband, coworkers, and even myself this. It is an opinion on the work you do backed by real life examples (hopefully). But even if your manager sucks at giving reviews- you do your best to listen and take the silver lining in the feedback. This is the time to listen and develop. If you do not agree, schedule time later to discuss and come with your evidence. But take it easy... go back to step 1 if needed. lol
  • All in all... enjoy the beauty of being gainfully employed. Sometimes we can get caught up in the small things and forget that we have a great opportunity to grow and represent in our workplaces. If you are not happy in your job and the performance review further shows that... hopefully you are doing things to change your situation! In the end, you are working and receiving feedback on how to better perform in your job at the very least!

I hope that helps! These are literally the things I do and tell my husband to do too as we approach this aggravating time of year. If you have other suggestions, tweet me, email me, or IG me... I'd love to share it with everyone.


Jasmin Forts