When Should You Start Looking?

I get a lot of people looking for a new job when the current one becomes unbearable. It seems we are all looking for the perfect fit for our lives and purse. We want a position that supports our personal lives but also respects us as a professional. A role and organization that will develop our skill but also help us to grow as individuals, right?

 You are probably asking yourself, “Where in the world is this place, Jas?!”

Well, like most things- nothing is perfect. However, you can identify deal breakers and components that support your professional life and personal without conflict. Earlier in my career, I needed flexibility since having young children. I looked for organizations that supported parents and had mission statements that reflected humanness. It’s funny because as they grow I still need the flexibility but need to make the coin as well! The biggest theme for me in identifying a new position is how it fits with my personal life. Every professionals is different. This may not be a huge theme for others. All in all, have you taken the time to know what deal breakers are for you or what you need in your next opportunity? Knowing this will help when you start looking for a new job—

Which leads me into situations of being employed and looking for a new job. Like I said above, people hit me up when they are at their wit’s end.  They are busted and disgusted with their Employer and need an escape! Ha! Been there earlier on in my career.

It tells me 2 things: the writing was on the wall way before you called or emailed me and you were too comfortable to be proactive.  It’s okay! A lot of people go through this…

My recommendation is to always be more cognizant of your company's environment. Keep a pulse on current events for your organization. The environment ultimately impacts how employees react to each other and how leaders treat their teams. A lot of times there are external situations that make us uncomfortable and make us want to leave. First, determine if the situation is long-term or short-term. If short-term can you withstand the bull while you’re in the trenches? Personally, I have to stay plugged in with my self-care when my work environments are going through a challenges whether short- or long- term. Do it! It will keep you from going crazy or cussing someone out!

If the challenging situation is longer term and you cannot stay- this is where being proactive will help. Recruiting metrics show it can took up to 45-60 days to land a new job. Keeping that in mind, when you feel a slight twinge in your gut that is when you need to start looking. Having an employment strategy helps along with the right timing to start your search. Also, understanding when your industry opens up on opportunities will definitely help as well!

Feel free to hit me up! xo -Jas