Work Your Magic, Sis! It's A Strong Job Market!

Work your Magic, Sis! Now is the time to spread your talent and be confident in growing your career. It’s a candidates market! It’s been awhile since the US has felt a shift like this in so many employment markets at once. Of course, I am seeing and feeling it in my professional life as a Manager, Talent Acquisition. People are exploring their options in other organizations and leaving positions to look at other opportunities. Exciting! But what does that mean for you? 

Well a lot!
Let’s look at the data & facts:

 If we look at the last time people were feeling this confident- it was right before a recession. Over 3 million told their jobs “PEACE OUT” in May 2007 that was the highest since April 2001… up until now! I like pics so here is a chart.

So like I tell a lot of ladies or anyone who will listen… now is the time to do it! Do not wait until the last minute to hit up your contacts to rewrite your resume. Get clear with your career objectives and goals. Narrow in and get that role and network. Get whatever development you need in interview coaching and applying to jobs!

Need a change? Do it. Learn the strategies and tools in today’s online world to connect and learn about new opportunities.

Promote Yourself? Yes. Look at new organizations and positions. Take the driver seat of your career and start exploring opportunities. Listen, now is the time to do it!

Narrow In? This is necessary. Your goals need to be clear so your resume can have clarity. You need to know what you want to express it in an interview as well. Knowing what you want will clear the clutter on all levels of your career trajectory—not just your resume.

The market is strong and organizations feel good about hiring and adding headcount. It’s been awhile since we have seen this upswing. Make sure you are taking advantage to learn new skills and courting new organizations. So sis, get out there and make it happen… I can help as well…but just do it!  xo- Jas