Real Women Are Saying...


"Nothing Will Work Unless You Do."

-Maya Angelou 

Jas spoke with care and with volume. In the short space of time I received her advice, I knew I would want her expertise again. I knew WHAT I needed to do, but HOW to do it is where her power influenced me. It's clear she operates from place of personal growth. It's nice to have a muse at 36 years old, and she's slowly becoming my go-to pick me up for inspiration. I'm co-signin' ;-)

— Lara bryant, omaha, ne

Jasmin played a huge role in helping me to get my life together. I had the opportunity to experience a few services that she offers, and each time I felt more and more accomplished. Jasmin helped me to recognize my career potential through resume writing, career coaching, and Linked In Optimization. I am confident that I will land the position of my dreams with the tools provided by Jasmin. I cannot thank her enough!

— S. Johnson, NYC

I recently purchased JWJ resume writing package and I have to admit that I very pleased. After purchasing a similar service through someone else I was skeptical about purchasing this service. However, Jas has restored my confidence. My initial consultation gave me a glimpse of how detailed Jas was. Her questions and her assessment helped me craft my skills and experiences into a comprehensive resume. Jas has helped re-ignite a fire under me to come up with a better strategy for my job search. I was extremely pleased with the format and how she captured my skills and experiences on my new and updated resume. I would definitely recommend Jas and her services to anyone looking to elevate themselves to the next level. Thanks JWJ!!!

— C.jenkins, Atlanta, ga

I had the pleasure of attending "A Sister's Siesta" last month. It was such an awesome experience! Having the ability share our struggles with working in corporate and also giving each other advice on how to get through those struggles. A mental resting place INDEED! I left feeling like I can conquer my career and I don't have to stress myself out while doing so! I can't wait for the next one!

— j.thomas, atlanta, ga

I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to meet Jas. I went to a career workshop and Jas was presenting. I instantly identified with the topics and knew that I needed to work with her. She has taken my LinkedIn profile to the next level as well as my resume.
I highly recommend Jas to anyone in any career on any career level! She is "that good" and a true professional!

— N. Warren, Atlanta Ga

I recently purchased Jwj Resume writing package, I've been overseas contracting and have been out of touch with the current market. Jasmin helped me immensely to reconnect and find my value in this crazy job market! I would send my resume out to companies only to get the response that I had not been selected. I was feeling defeated. Jasmin worked her magic! Through worksheets that helped me quantify my workplace achievements and build my confidence she showed me the key elements I was missing in my resume. Now I have a new found confidence and ready to hit the job market. I can see the difference in the before and after of my resume and I am now getting responses! I even had my first phone interview! Thank you Jwj😊. I highly recommend her services to any contractor looking to get back in the game on the home front!

— jade patterson, kuwait